DIY jewelry box for stud earrings


I love stud earrings. And I love things shaped like other things. So pretty much I just have a lot of earrings. A few weeks ago I decided to have a crafternoon to make a stud earring holder/jewelry box since most earring holders I see out there never have enough space, or are built for the dangling type of earrings. This was also to stop my habit of keeping all of my earrings in a bowl where I’d have to fish to find the correct two in a pair each day.

I had previously seen a tutorial on Pinterest from Anneorshine on YouTube describing how to make a jewelry box out of rolled pieces of fabric. It looked simple enough… something I could complete within a few hours and not give up half way through (which I tend to do with craft projects). See the full tutorials from Anneorshine here:

How To DIY: Make A Jewelry Box/ Ring Storage Holder

Make DIY Jewelry Display Box for Rings & Earrings

Wooden box from Michael’s. It was about $3.50 because I used a coupon!

Really wasn’t into the lime green paint.

I bought “spearmint” color acrylic paint… it ended up looking a lot like aqua instead of minty shade of green though.

Cutting the yard (probably should’ve only bought half a yard) of fleece into squares to roll into the cushion-y soft part of the jewelry box.

Packed in like sardines and about to be covered in fabric.


Note the sad single earrings at the bottom row since I’d lost their soulmates at some point. And in the second to last row, note that this is also a good storage box for rings too.

Betsey Johnson cheese earrings!

11 thoughts on “DIY jewelry box for stud earrings

  1. Excerpts of Awkwardness says:

    It turned out really cute! I only have a couple of pairs of earrings and tried out a pinterest-inspired lace canvas jewelry holder awhile back, which was cute, but the lace is starting to sag a bit now and I’ll need to freshen it up soon.

  2. Kate says:

    This is a lovely idea! I’m definitely doing this one! I already got a wooden box and some fleece but I’m not clear how did you cover it with the fabric. Did you just simply put the fabric on top pressing it between the fleece rolls?

  3. ayysams says:

    I love this DIY tutorial! I think I am going to attempt one myself, however I have one question: after you have all the fleece squares rolled up and stuffed into the box “like sardines”, how did you cover them with fabric? Did you take each roll out individually and sew it around it, or did you just lay the fabric over and squish it down between the rolls? Thanks!

  4. Nancy says:

    Great idea I thnk I’ll steal it for my husbands cuff link collection. Btw lonely stud earrings in my house are stolen and used as tie tacks

  5. Ella says:

    I just did this from an old box and an old sweater I was going to give away! It was the perfect 15min project for a lazy Sunday! Thx so much for the idea:)

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